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William E. Schmitt

I had set up my restaurant just right – perfect ambience and food, but I didn’t know what exactly was the reason for less footfall. Until I hired your services – a few tips here and there and the transition is visible positive! Thanks a lot!

Mary T. McKnight

Having the right kind of marketing in this digital world is essential – and this is something you guys


Ways to increase sales for your Restaurant

Competition in the food service industry can be very hard. You want to make sure that everyone loves your business and want to keep on coming back to it. There are many changing trends and loads of competition. There are ways that you can use to attract new customers and keep the regulars from coming back to your business.

You want to achieve success by getting new people to come through the door, getting them to go back and spending quality time in your Restaurant. When you have the correct approach, anything is possible.

First impressions are the most critical factor to consider you want people to have a good experience and not a forgettable one. If you make a little extra effort to give your guests a great first experience, it might change them into your most loyal customers. Make sure to keep on staying in touch with them, by keeping their contact detail.

sales with technology

Offering discounts is a great way to attract people. People will love to come and try out your food if they know they might end up with a bargain. You do not have to offer discounts every day but try to do it as often as possible. Many big-time cities provide events, like the restaurant week in New York where the foodservice industry get promoted. Get involved with these events. It will expand your business as well.

Marketing techniques can be costly. Social media only takes time. Have a strong online presence. Promote your business online making use of the apps available like LinkedIn and Twitter. Encourage your customers to write reviews of their dining experience at the restaurant.

Give away coupons that will encourage your customers to come back again. You can give free appetisers or dessert and beverage when someone places a huge order. You will show your customers how much you appreciate them. Some businesses offer loyalty programs on a point system. If you visit often, you get a free lunch.

People that eat at a restaurant loves personal experience. If you know your regular customers, call them personally it will encourage loyalty. It is great to attract first-time guests but to keep your loyal customers happy is more cost effective. Loyal customers will tell others about your business and promote free advertising. Your loyal customers are most invaluable to the success of your company.

Hosting a charity event is a great way to give back to the community and might make you more popular. Organizing events for the city will build better relationships and booking live music help them to relax in your establishment and encourage longer stays.

Add separate take-out menus so that you can continuously make sales even if the restaurant business flourish. Implement a delivery service and bring the convenience to your customers who cannot leave their work over lunchtimes.
Keep up with technology and advances in the field. Lastly train your waiters or servers well. A simple conversation, friendliness and efficiency will go a long way of increasing sales at your restaurant

9 Effective strategies for Restaurant Marketing

With new trends in technology, the transformation is taking place in the landscape of the restaurant business. Although word of mouth is a great way to attract new customers, restaurant owners should not have to depend on this method to promote their business. It is imperative that restaurant businesses take advantage of digital media and mobile technology.With the fierce competition that restaurant owners face and the extreme rate of failure in the business it is essential to get the marketing strategies right to promote your business. Some restaurants serve average dishes yet make a huge success. You can cook the tastiest meals, but if your marketing strategies are not in place, your business will not get the correct exposure, and you might fail.

Use social media

Did you notice that some of the young people today when going to a restaurant, like to send pictures of their food to their peers? It has become a trend. In the same way, you need to embrace the digital era and take advantage of the social media platforms. You need to promote your business, so why not make the most of what the online gurus have to offer? Make use of Instagram and Facebook. Promote your business with LinkedIn. The more quality of your food pictures and video clips the higher you will make a profit. You can even hire a social media expert that will help.

Create a Website

Creating a website is excellent for worldwide exposure. In this technological time, people tend to search the internet before making choices. Make sure to invest in a professional site. It will create significant opportunities and make it easier for new customers and loyal ones to find you and stay connected.

Loyalty rewards


You can invest in an offline or online contest, which will spread the word about your restaurant. It will only take one customer to reach all his friends via social media, and your competition will create the interest needed to promote it.

Email Marketing

Another critical way to effectively advertise your restaurant if via email marketing. People can quickly fill in forms online or when they come to the restaurant, make them fill in a form. Email marketing is an efficient way to get people coming back to the restaurant. There are great opportunities to showcase new additions to your menu and offer exciting discounts.

Utilize the existing network of food bloggers

It is vital to connect with people who write about food, and you can get influence on the network of other companies. Share experiences, local content, and discount offers. Give them free meals to popularise your brand among the network of readers.

Get listed on food apps

There are favourite food apps due to popular demand by consumers. Food apps point people in the right direction to the nearest restaurant. Take advantage of these apps and partner with them to make sure your restaurant gets listed.

Spend time and effort to stay connected on social media with your customers. Maintain your social pages. If you take these strategies of marketing your business, you will excel in promoting your business.

2 of the Best Sales Management Systems for Online Restaurants

In a market mainly composed of small businesses restaurants, it is important to wisely use the technology available to us today in the form of Sales Management Systems. They are a key to proper product placement today and are a hefty tool for all entrepreneurs alike. They allow for owners to sell their products within their establishments using websites.

They do this by utilizing online checkout carts which come in many forms. They can offer services varying from a checkout system for reserving a room to an entire restaurant and everything in between.

restaurant at night

Sales Management Systems we have found are vastly different, but provide services of the highest quality. ClickFunnel and ThriveCart stand above the rest because of the user-friendliness of their websites and the outstanding offers they make available, as well as the availability of using PayPal and Stripe for payment.


Thrivecart is very affordable. Offering a lifetime-long membership for 595 US dollars, it boasts a fairly good deal. You won’t need it for longer than that. In ThriveCart, they believe that your shopping cart is the most important. That is true no matter the size of our business. Thrivecart excels at increasing the conversion rate, by customizing and bettering the design of your cart.

sales management systems

It includes some of the more important offers like Upsells and “Bump offers” which increase the cart value by 20-50 percent. It can also process a great number of transactions without fail. Where this gets a bit troublesome is that the cart itself does not align with the subscription to PayPal or Stripe, which is why both the user and the seller need to be cautious. One of the greatest upsides of thrive cart is the integration of the user himself.

You can set up a trigger in your e-mail system that will notify you how much a user is interacting with your products and which products they are interacting with.

Source: Thrivecart review article


The beginning price for ClickFunnels is 97 per month which is latter bumped up to 297 US dollars. This can be startling to new entrepreneurs but it is a service well worth the money.

It allows for quick creation of funnel pages, pages for upsells and cross offers and “thank you” pages, as well as make customized membership pages and subscription areas. It allows for quick A/B testing and screening.

clickfunnels editor

Coupled with the ability to hire, handle and pay your affiliates, it obviously gives access to a wide variety of useful services. You will have to invest in getting traffic to your sales though, as that is not included in the 300 dollar fee. Many different payment systems are integrated with it and it automatically tracks the user’s subscription to said systems.

Source: Clickfunnels main page

Which of these sales management systems is better?

While there is no clear answer to that question, it is clear to say that they are suitable for different kinds of entrepreneurs. ClickFunnels offers a simple interface with not too many options. It is the kind of online marketing that new business starters should use, while on the other hand, ThriveCart is more suited for experienced owners that are sure to make use of the lifelong subscription.

Then again it all depends on what you are looking for, either way, you can not go wrong. In our opinion, Thrivecart is the winner for simple online checkout for restaurant owners.

Restaurant Owner Talk About The Top Plumber Delray Beach In Florida

Plumber Delray Beach: Getting professional plumbers to handle all your home plumbing issues such as leak detections, garbage disposal, sewer inspection, drain cleaning, mold removal, water damage repairs, and all other plumbing issues can be a nightmare for homeowners. It is common to find plumbing signs hanging here and there in Delray Beach, but not all signs point you to professional plumbers you can trust with your home plumbing projects.

Plumber Delray Beach

Your home deserves the very best of plumbing services from Best Plumber Delray Beach, Florida. Plumbing is not one of those services you can trust anyone to handle for you. A poorly done plumbing job will leave your home in a very sorry state or even result in the loss of your precious home due to undetected leaks. You need professional plumbers who are more focused on restoring your home to its original state than they are on anything else.

The number one priority of a professional plumber when you are faced with any home plumbing problem is to restore things back to the way they used to be before the problem struck. This is because professional plumbers are homeowners too who understand the helplessness you feel when these unforeseen plumbing problems surface.

Settling for roadside plumbers when you can get the most professional plumbing services from best plumber Delray Beach, Florida will only leave a sour taste in your mouth. As the best plumbers in Delray Beach, we have helped thousands of home and business owners, like you, restore their homes and properties.

All it takes to get the best plumbers working in your home or office and fixing whatever plumbing issues you might have are just a phone call. Real professional plumbers are known for their ability to respond to emergency situations with the same swiftness and dexterity firemen respond to fire outbreaks. This is why every homeowner in Delray Beach insists on our services whenever they are faced with any type of plumbing problems.

Your plumber should be reachable and accessible at all times of the day. This is why we have managed to build a reputation in the plumbing business which no one can match anytime soon. If your plumber is not a 24/7 plumber, then you are as good as having no plumber at all. These plumbing problems strike without prior warnings or signs and can happen in the dead of the night.

Homeowners who love their homes and properties no longer leave anything to chance. This is why they go for the best plumbers in town and so should you. As the best plumbers in Delray, we will walk you through every single step involved in restoring order in your home to ensure you get back to your normal life faster than you ever thought possible. Our years of plumbing experience with homeowners in Delray Beach and its environs has helped us design a system that ensures you get a swift response to your emergency calls and seamless emergency assistance.

What’s more? We help you understand more about plumbing problems to enable you to know what to do in the face of severe emergencies before we arrive at your home to salvage the situation.

How to Use Online Marketing for Restaurant Marketing Promotions

online marketing for restauraunts

The digital space has transformed business in every sense of the word. No industry has been left untouched. For the most part, things have changed for the better. However, most businesses find themselves grappling with ever-changing technologies to maintain an online presence.

Digital marketing is a complicated area for businesses. Brands find it hard to get through to the online audience which is known to have a short attention span and loathing for blatant advertisement. For restaurateurs, the challenge lays in establishing effective marketing communication that improves sales, yet nurturers care for what the brand represents.

A Unique Restaurant Marketing Idea

Mobile gadgets have opened up a world of possibilities for restaurant owners. It gives you the chance to engage with your clients on different levels.

The way to make it through these levels of interaction (without ending up in the spam folder) is giving valuable information that helps your clients and/or customers.

Have you tried offering a free e-book in exchange for emails?

It is a brilliant way to get your customers’ email addresses which should come handy in future promotions. A free e-book is one of the classic incentives that work great if you are in the restaurant business. There is a lot of valuable information you could offer your customers from recipes to commentary on different cuisines to kitchen hacks or a little history about the place; the list is endless.

Email marketing is a proven way to bait your customers so that they keep coming back again and again. Therefore, you want to grow your email list as much as you can. By offering a free e-book, you are developing your email list every time a new customer accepts the gift.

Restaurant Email Marketing Action Plan

With an incentive such as a free e-book, you should have a decent list of names which you can occasionally send promotional items to. Before you can start sending the promotional emails though, don’t forget that it always looks better when the thank you’ email precedes anything else.

Two Splendid Ideas for a Follow-up Email

The key to staying relevant in the digital space is to always be in contact with your clientele. It continually reminds them of your brand and fosters attachment to it. One of the best ways to maintain such communication is sending coupons.

A discount on the next purchase is a surefire way to get the client back in your restaurant. Coupons are an effective marketing strategy, and some number crunching proves it. Did you know that seven in every ten people open an email coupon? Additionally, most customers redeem these tokens within the first week. What’s more, it gives you a higher capacity of tracking your progress since you can monitor coupons and see who redeemed them and who shared them. Additionally you can promote affiliate products to your email customers.

Send Invites to Events

Do you have special nights at the restaurant that clients should know about? It makes for the perfect follow up email. Clients who had fun at your establishment the first time should be invited a second and third time.

Bottom line

A good digital marketing strategy should focus on organic growth. Forget about the next sizzling idea and focus on growing interest in your brand.

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