online marketing for restauraunts

The digital space has transformed business in every sense of the word. No industry has been left untouched. For the most part, things have changed for the better. However, most businesses find themselves grappling with ever-changing technologies to maintain an online presence.

Digital marketing is a complicated area for businesses. Brands find it hard to get through to the online audience which is known to have a short attention span and loathing for blatant advertisement. For restaurateurs, the challenge lays in establishing effective marketing communication that improves sales, yet nurturers care for what the brand represents.

A Unique Restaurant Marketing Idea

Mobile gadgets have opened up a world of possibilities for restaurant owners. It gives you the chance to engage with your clients on different levels.

The way to make it through these levels of interaction (without ending up in the spam folder) is giving valuable information that helps your clients and/or customers.

Have you tried offering a free e-book in exchange for emails?

It is a brilliant way to get your customers’ email addresses which should come handy in future promotions. A free e-book is one of the classic incentives that work great if you are in the restaurant business. There is a lot of valuable information you could offer your customers from recipes to commentary on different cuisines to kitchen hacks or a little history about the place; the list is endless.

Email marketing is a proven way to bait your customers so that they keep coming back again and again. Therefore, you want to grow your email list as much as you can. By offering a free e-book, you are developing your email list every time a new customer accepts the gift.

Restaurant Email Marketing Action Plan

With an incentive such as a free e-book, you should have a decent list of names which you can occasionally send promotional items to. Before you can start sending the promotional emails though, don’t forget that it always looks better when the thank you’ email precedes anything else.

Two Splendid Ideas for a Follow-up Email

The key to staying relevant in the digital space is to always be in contact with your clientele. It continually reminds them of your brand and fosters attachment to it. One of the best ways to maintain such communication is sending coupons.

A discount on the next purchase is a surefire way to get the client back in your restaurant. Coupons are an effective marketing strategy, and some number crunching proves it. Did you know that seven in every ten people open an email coupon? Additionally, most customers redeem these tokens within the first week. What’s more, it gives you a higher capacity of tracking your progress since you can monitor coupons and see who redeemed them and who shared them. Additionally you can promote affiliate products to your email customers.

Send Invites to Events

Do you have special nights at the restaurant that clients should know about? It makes for the perfect follow up email. Clients who had fun at your establishment the first time should be invited a second and third time.

Bottom line

A good digital marketing strategy should focus on organic growth. Forget about the next sizzling idea and focus on growing interest in your brand.