If you’ve met Dennis Max, you know he’s a pretty laid back and interesting guy. Some would say the same about his partners, and his team as well! To add even more synergy to the mix, this amazing yet casual group of individuals all share the same vision—food first! But with SoHo, Dennis Max and his team decided to take on a slightly different approach. For the first time in their history they’re focusing on the drinks, just as much as the food! They’re not saying this is a groundbreaking idea, oh no, no, no. All they’re saying is that if the drinks end up as perfectly crafted as the food—then Delray Beach is in for something really special!

Our chefs keep it


C’mon guys—it’s Max! You know the food will be nothing less than absolute mouthwatering perfection! Max’s signature quality and heritage is graciously stamped on every single plate that enters the SoHo dinning room! Local? Seasonal? Sustainable? These are all hallmarks in their globally inspired and stunningly crafted cuisine. So whether it’s happy hour, dinner, or a late night stop, SoHo’s kitchen is guaranteed to be just what the foodie ordered…

6th Avenue


We all know that Atlantic Avenue can be a blast! But, if you’re looking for a good time and a great experience a bit off the beaten path, then come discover Max’s Social House! Oh, forget about fighting for parking on the Ave! SoHo has valet parking readily available in their back parking lot and there’s always a few spots just east on 7th Ave. It’s time to step off the Ave.—and into SoHo!


Check back soon for more information about signing up for the SOHO Club. With a Club Card, we’ll give you discounts, you can earn benefits, and also participate in promotions. So go ahead–treat yourself!