In a market mainly composed of small businesses restaurants, it is important to wisely use the technology available to us today in the form of Sales Management Systems. They are a key to proper product placement today and are a hefty tool for all entrepreneurs alike. They allow for owners to sell their products within their establishments using websites.

They do this by utilizing online checkout carts which come in many forms. They can offer services varying from a checkout system for reserving a room to an entire restaurant and everything in between.

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Sales Management Systems we have found are vastly different, but provide services of the highest quality. ClickFunnel and ThriveCart stand above the rest because of the user-friendliness of their websites and the outstanding offers they make available, as well as the availability of using PayPal and Stripe for payment.


Thrivecart is very affordable. Offering a lifetime-long membership for 595 US dollars, it boasts a fairly good deal. You won’t need it for longer than that. In ThriveCart, they believe that your shopping cart is the most important. That is true no matter the size of our business. Thrivecart excels at increasing the conversion rate, by customizing and bettering the design of your cart.

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It includes some of the more important offers like Upsells and “Bump offers” which increase the cart value by 20-50 percent. It can also process a great number of transactions without fail. Where this gets a bit troublesome is that the cart itself does not align with the subscription to PayPal or Stripe, which is why both the user and the seller need to be cautious. One of the greatest upsides of thrive cart is the integration of the user himself.

You can set up a trigger in your e-mail system that will notify you how much a user is interacting with your products and which products they are interacting with.

Source: Thrivecart review article


The beginning price for ClickFunnels is 97 per month which is latter bumped up to 297 US dollars. This can be startling to new entrepreneurs but it is a service well worth the money.

It allows for quick creation of funnel pages, pages for upsells and cross offers and “thank you” pages, as well as make customized membership pages and subscription areas. It allows for quick A/B testing and screening.

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Coupled with the ability to hire, handle and pay your affiliates, it obviously gives access to a wide variety of useful services. You will have to invest in getting traffic to your sales though, as that is not included in the 300 dollar fee. Many different payment systems are integrated with it and it automatically tracks the user’s subscription to said systems.

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Which of these sales management systems is better?

While there is no clear answer to that question, it is clear to say that they are suitable for different kinds of entrepreneurs. ClickFunnels offers a simple interface with not too many options. It is the kind of online marketing that new business starters should use, while on the other hand, ThriveCart is more suited for experienced owners that are sure to make use of the lifelong subscription.

Then again it all depends on what you are looking for, either way, you can not go wrong. In our opinion, Thrivecart is the winner for simple online checkout for restaurant owners.